1 Do we need a Voltage Stabiliser with MASHIVA LED TV?

All MASHIVA LED TVs to come with VFP (Voltage Fluctuation Protector), eliminating the need for any additional stabilizer.

1 What is Audio Plus?

Audio Plus is a special feature to deliver high-quality sound with help of inbuilt box features which adds more depth to the acoustics.

2 What built-in apps come with MASHIVA LED TVs?
Smart Features with Wireless Display, YouTube, Netflix, Hotstar, Play Store, among others.
3 MASHIVA LED TV have Dolby Sound?
All MASHIVA TVs comes with Dolby Sound.
4 What is Turbo Sound?
This provides comparatively better sound with 12W+12W inbuilt woofer coned speakers.
5 What is Super Luma ?
It is superior quality of Backlight Unit (BLU), that helps achieve top standards in the market. These MASHIVA TVs have higher luminance at 350 candelas per square meter (cd/m2) 
6 What is Screen Share?
MASHIVA TVs come with latest technology wireless display that enables you to connect/share mobile contents on MASHIVA TV screen.
7 Do the TVs have Bluetooth connectivity?
Bluetooth is limited to only enabling connectivity for sound, not video. TV is all about an audio-video experience.
8 What is the AirFly Remote?
AirFly Remote is a unique product which comes with the Internet Enabled MASHIVA TVs. It’s a portable keyboard cum mouse, that helps to browse the Internet, YouTube, Netflix, other Apps and also acts as controls for games. 
9 Can I get help with installation/demo of the TV?
Call on the given contact or E-mail
10 I want to know the service centre address ?
We provide home services. You don’t have to worry about carrying the TV anywhere. Call or Email or click here to check service availability at your pin-code.
11 What is MASHIVA service network?

Services available widely at Jaipur PAN India.